Giroflex – G12

Giroflex 12 is the ideal solution for small and large waiting areas and multi-functional rooms where both the users and the type of use are liable to frequent change. The versatility of the Giroflex 12 chair allows rooms to be rearranged in seconds and converted for new uses according to changing requirements. Giroflex 12 is an affordable chair that stacks and connects in rows like no other. Accessories can easily be assembled.  Its clear lines create an unmistakable design signature; yet it is calculated to give support to occupant’s seat, back and arms. The contoured seat and back are moulded of high strength polypropylene; the solid steel frame provides stability and flexibility and holding the seat and back away from walls. Giroflex 12 is produced and distributed by Giroflex, Switzerland and by Giroflex Brasil.

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