Moiré was inspired by the characteristic moiré textiles, and it is no co-incidence that, whilst working on the concept of this chair, designer Ton Haas was listening to the famous Cuban singer of the
fifties, Benny Moré. The double layered shell with its unusual transparency plays with
light and shadow, giving a subtle edge to its plasticity. The concept behind the design was to create a form pure in structure whilst retaining an almost archaic quality. The complex forms and geometry of the Moiré were only attainable through the use of advanced digital technology, including
rapid prototyping. For the first time in history a double layered grid has been produced as a one–part injection moulded piece without the need for fibreglass reinforcements. The Moiré’s lightweight structure is therefore characterised by its small mass relative to the applied load.
In 2010 Moiré has received the prestigious ‘iF product design award’ and in 2011 “best of the best” – highest recognition in the red dot design award and last but not least also received the
’Design Plus Material Vision 2011 award’.

(Produced in the Netherlands from polypropylene and steel, Moiré is durable, recyclable, stackable, and available with armrests in 7 contemporary colours.)

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