Peanuts and Twins

In summer 2002 Ton Haas was invited to participate in de ‘Zomerglas studio’ from the Glas Centrum Leerdam, the Netherlands. Leerdam is the heart of the glass production in the Netherlands and every year 4 artists/designers are invited to work for one week with one of their most talented glassblowers. I worked together with Arie van Loopik and together we realized the Peanuts series of vases and Twins series of bowls. The bowls were cut in length from the blown ‘Peanuts’ shapes and therefore became Twins. Peanuts vases and Twin bowls are ‘free’ organic shapes which are very elegant and dynamic. Through different ‘cuts’ the objects can differ on an individual level. Decoration or two-tone glass is not yet represented in this presentation but is part of further development.

More screenshots: